5 DIY freezer paper stenciled baby onsies

I have been printing for a long time now & I absolutely love it when you come across something you never knew about. I am positive freezer stencilling are far from new, but for some reason I have never seen it before.  You may say bizarre! Maybe I have been stuck in the world of digital printing too much? Anyway I can across this post from the Alison show on how to create these & wanted to share them with you. 5 DIY freezer paper templates Image links left to right 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 I thought these were a great way to make some really cool onesies in you very own design just like they all have. This is a good project for the weekend. Get your creative hat on & have a go, get that design you have been dreaming about finally out there. You can do it. Enjoy your weekend. Kylie xo Creative Bliss tribe digital subscription

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