4 Insanely Unique Kids Dressers

I think we could all admit to loving unique furniture pieces for their kids bedrooms. There are so many incredible designs out there, there is literally something for everyones own taste. I came across these kids bedroom dressers & was so blown away I had to share them. I don’t need to say many words, I think they speak for themselves. kids bedrooms Product links left to right; 1. Brian Dresser 2. Joined at the hip dressers 3. Raymond dresser 4. Accordion dresser, & also my favourite of the designs. Are they pieces you would have in your kids rooms? Let me know below or on my Facebook page. I wonder how functional they are? I would have to assume you'd need a larger bedroom to showcase these as it's own show stopping feature. Enjoy, Kylie xo Creative Bliss tribe digital subscription  

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