33 ways to stay creative

You may have realised I am a little obsessed with maintaining your inspiration, as I guess I rely on it you could say. I am going to admit it doesn't always come easy, some days I don't think about it & BOOM, just like that a thought arrives. Other days it can feel forced, unnatural & can be quite frustrating.
ways to stay creative
 I found a fantastic link today “33 ways to stay creative”.
Have a read of all the points. Most of them aren’t anything you haven’t heard or thought of before, but there were a couple of new ones that I resonated with liked.
Don’t force it.
I connected to immediately with this.
Sometimes when a drawing or designs a new product isn’t working for me, I at times admit to forcing it to work. It’s a very frustrating process. It also just doesn't work. Now I have learnt to just leave it for a few hours, or over night, and look at it again in the morning with a refreshed perspective. It can work wonders. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect.
I think this is a great point everyone needs to think about, we have all been guilty of it. I am a perfectionist, which isn't I am learning as I get older a great trait. I have put to much pressure on myself, to make everything for everyone. I always stay true to my style, but always have in the back of my mind, will everyone love it. I have come to learn over many years, not everyone will love your work. As much as that is a slap in the face it’s so true. So stop trying to be perfect for everyone else and work harder at trying to be better at what amazing work you’re already doing. I always go back to, it's your creative style.
Gets lots of rest
This is important, I believe your best ideas pop into your head as you’re drifting off to sleep, or completely zoned out. Hence why its good the have a note book next to you, in your hand bag, or on the bedside table which I do. Rest equals potentially great ideas and thoughts. Clean your work space.
I have a tiny work space which I have shared before. So it's a MUST for me to try & keep tidy & organised. If I don't do it I really feel chaotic. My concentration is clouded, which effects how I handle the day a head of me. Don't get me wrong I can get terribly messy.It's part of what I do, but making the time to do a quick tidy up, so the next day is uncluttered makes a world of difference.
I hope those points help surge the creativity for you.
Kylie xo

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