10 ways to use tea towels

The humble tea towel is something we take for granted today, & is such a common kitchen accessory, at times there isn't much thought about it. The history of the common tea towel starts exactly where I assumed it would have, England. it was used in great British tea ceremonies, to dry the finest of crystal & china, & was always a perfectly match  companion to the rest of the table linen on show. Fast forward to today, not only is it as functional as ever, but can be considered a true fashion accessory of the kitchen. I have been printing so many of my Christmas tea towel designs this season, it had me wondering what would be 10 ways to use one & this is what I came up with. 1. The most obvious of uses, drying the dishes. 2. Keeping baked goods warm. 3. To line a serving tray. 4. Create a tea pot cozy to keep your tea or coffee warm. 5. A decoration on your oven. 6. Ideal to use when picking up something warm, it kind of acts as an oven mitt. 7. Wrapping paper. Use your personalised tea towel to wrap a breakable gift for someone. Two gifts in one!! 8. Dampened and placed under a cutting board to prevent it from slipping when chopping. 9. Table setting. get those bright fun design out & show them off. 10. Line your bread, scone or muffin tray to make your food look even more inviting. tea towels tea towels I now have my whole collection of tea towels now available in my shop. I have extended beyond the Christmas tea towel, & I hope each of my designs brighten up your kitchen. Wth my specialty being able to customise, there are plenty of designs to select from where you can select your own colour. It's just another way to make everything as perfectly coordinated for you. Here are a couple of new designs. tea towels tea towels tea towels tea towels Last but not least if you're struggling to decide on 1 design, why not buy 2 & save? tea towels  

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